Mentoring in Viet Nam - An effective capacity building approach for women leaders

April 10, 2014

Mentoring in Viet Nam - An effective capacity building approach for women leaders

The purpose of this booklet is to support the Vietnamese partners of the UNDP and Ministry of Foreign Affair’s project Women’s Leadership by providing information and guidance on an effective approach to build the capacity of potential women leaders.  It can be used by academic institutions, civil society organizations or the administrative government.  Examples provided in the booklet come from a variety of sectors and countries including Viet Nam.

The booklet is intended for individuals who are considering starting a mentoring program in their organization.  It is a guide to help you think through some elements of mentoring; its a compilation of findings from research as well as stories highlighting best practices, common challenges and personal experiences as participants in mentoring programs.  It also provides some tools to use to help develop and implement a mentoring program in your organization.  The author is Jean Munro, Senior Technical Advisor of UNDP’s Women’s Leadership Project. 

 Mentoring programs are shaped by the environment they are in, by the leaders of the program and, of course, by those most involved – the mentor and mentee.  Each program is unique and each mentoring relationship is different.  It is not possible to take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to design a program that would fit all organizations.  Therefore, this guide provides you with outlines of programs, key questions to consider and many tools.  However, it is up to each organization to shape the program to fit your need.


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