Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly Gender Assessment

Report / White Paper

April 10, 2014

Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly Gender Assessment

NDI organized a gender assessment of Tunisia’s NCA to contribute to a fuller understanding of the
following critical factors:

• The capacity of women deputies to perform their legislative and representative functions;
• The functions and role of the NCA, and the ways in which it supports deputies in
performing their work, building their capacity, and accessing outside expertise;
• The extent to which principles and practices associated with gender equality are
mainstreamed in the work of the assembly, and;
• Women deputies’ ongoing interactions with their communities (both male and female), with
their political parties, with Tunisian civic associations, and with international partners.

The information collected through this mission will guide NDI and its partners in creating a
roadmap for assistance to women in the NCA and in the future parliament, which is expected to be
elected by the end of 2014. The report’s findings—which have been shared with the NCA
leadership, women deputies, and other stakeholders—are also intended to serve as a baseline to
gauge progress in future parliaments.

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