‘It’s more than a seat at the table’

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June 30, 2020

‘It’s more than a seat at the table’


By Jennifer Medina,

Senator Kamala Harris used to call it the “donkey in the room” — the (occasionally whispered) notion that she could not be the Democratic presidential nominee because it was inconceivable that she, a black woman, could win over a majority of voters. By the final weeks of her campaign, the riff was a well-established part of her stump speech.

And with good reason. Throughout the Democratic primary race, the prevailing conventional wisdom among many voters went something like this: “Electability” meant choosing a white male candidate. Now, that idea has been flipped — if not on its head, at least on its side. Some prominent Democrats are convinced that Joe Biden must choose as his running mate not only a woman, as he has already committed, but also a woman of color.

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