3 keys to raising women leaders

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July 31, 2020

3 keys to raising women leaders


Raising up women leaders should matter to all of us—but it requires an oft-lacking intentionality. 

Women make up more than half the church, and God has gifted both men and women for his glory and for his purposes. People from different theological traditions will have different pathways for ministry, but none exclude the opportunity for some level or place of leadership. 

Believing something is different than doing it, however. We need to proactively plan to raise up women leaders, to call out their gifts, and to give them an opportunity.

One size does not fit all

Years ago, I worked at a place where my wife Donna would later express felt like the movie Stepford Wives, where all the women had to fit the same mold. There was only one way to be a godly woman, and not much space for leadership development.

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