The Future We Want Indigenous Women of the World Unite

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January 27, 2014

The Future We Want Indigenous Women of the World Unite

Strengthening Indigenous Communication in Abya Yala
María del Rosario (“Rosy”) Sul González
An account from the Second Continental Summit on Indigenous Communication in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Nothing About Us, Without Us. Everything About Us, With Us.
On October 28–30, 2013, at the World Conference of Indigenous women in Lima, Peru, Indigenous women united in one voice to call upon States to respect, protect, and fulfill their rights.

      Confronting Megaprojects
      Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Cultures of Peru (CHIRAPAQ)    

      Maintaining the Ways of Our Ancestors
      Jessie Cherofsky

     Suffering for the Mistakes of Others
     Robin Oisín Llewellyn

     Youth, Talk to Your Elders
     Anne Aikio

     In Profile:
     Raffaella Bulyaar from Marsabit, Kenya
     Pefi Kingi from Niue
     Andrea Landry from Canada

The Financial Case for Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
First Peoples Worldwide
The case for why investors and shareholders should care about Indigenous Peoples.

Saving Our Identity
Yuxin Hou
An uphill battle for the Tuva of China to maintain their lifeways.

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