COVID-19 shows the need for more female leaders

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April 3, 2020

COVID-19 shows the need for more female leaders


By Eric Bowling,

In Ridley Scott’s horror masterpiece Alien, a group of space-salvagers come across an abandoned ship giving off a distress signal with no explanation of what killed the crew, until one man comes across an egg and is infected with a parasite.

Ellen Ripley, the smart woman, doesn’t want to let the infected man back onboard the ship for safety reasons. No one listens to the smart woman and they all die, a multi-trillion dollar investment is lost and Ripley barely escapes with her cat.

I’ve racked my brains all week about how to articulate my feelings about this whole Coronavirus situation as events escalated and civilization seemingly ground to a halt. But I can definitely say, without reservation, that I am glad I live in a jurisdiction run by smart women.

Other places, like the United States, have not been so lucky. Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, I think it’s safe to say most Americans are probably wishing she was the one signing off on the decisions right now.

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