Covid's male face: Women are hidden in the pandemic debate

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November 4, 2020

Covid's male face: Women are hidden in the pandemic debate


The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis on many fronts – political, economic, and scientific – with ramifications that touch every member of society. But early research suggests that the virus, and the policy response to it, has a gendered impact, exacerbating existing structural inequalities between women and men. Women are more likely to have lost their jobs, have seen a larger increase in caring responsibilities, and are affected by a reported increase in domestic violence.

But for many, the response to the pandemic has had an overwhelmingly male face. Just two of the 27 members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force are women. In the UK almost half of the government's daily press briefings featured an all-male line-up.

The latest research at the Global Institute for Women's Leadership at King's College London provides another way of understanding how female voices shape the debate and potentially the response.

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