Decoding women’s representation in the 2021 state elections

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May 7, 2021

Decoding women’s representation in the 2021 state elections


DMK women's wing secretary Kanimozhi during an election campaign rally in support of party candidate ahead of Tamil Nadu assembly polls, in Tenkasi district on April 2. (File photo)

Reports, anecdotal accounts, and now the results suggest that women played a crucial role in shaping the electoral outcomes in the four states and one Union Territory that went to the polls this year.

In West Bengal, they may have cemented the All India Trinamool Congress’s (TMC) victory by massively voting for Mamata Banerjee’s candidates. These elections also took place in five states where the gender gap in participation and voting had closed way before these elections. In West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, it closed in 2011. In Puducherry, women have been outvoting men since 1985 and in Kerala and Assam, there was never a gap between men and women in the first place.

How did these five states and their main parties fare in terms of women representation in this election and in the past? The quick answer to that question is not so well.

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Avishek Jha and Gilles Verniers
Hindustan Times
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