Democrats, it’s time to believe in women again

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June 28, 2019

Democrats, it’s time to believe in women again


By Michelle Goldberg,

Last Friday, at Representative James Clyburn’s fish fry in Columbia, South Carolina, I met Sharon Hamill, a 59-year-old insurance agent who was still deciding who to support in the Democratic primary. She told me she liked Elizabeth Warren, “but I don’t think that this is the year for a woman president.” After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, she feared that a female candidate would be unelectable, and said she thought voters wanted a president who wouldn’t inspire a furious backlash. She was leaning toward Joe Biden, even though she worried about his age.

I’ve heard similar things from other women on the campaign trail. Clinton’s loss was a trauma that they’re terrified to re-enact. “I like Warren. I like Kamala,” 63-year-old Shyvette Brown told me at the Biden campaign’s kickoff rally in Philadelphia in May. “But I just don’t think they will elect a woman.” She didn’t like it or think it was fair. She just thought it was true.

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