On Egyptian women after the Arab Spring

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October 24, 2013

On Egyptian women after the Arab Spring

When history books reflect on modern Egypt, we will read the “official” version of the story but we will never read the stories that matter: her stories. We will not hear the voices of millions of women who stood shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, on 25 January, 2011. Yet the revolution diary is filled with pages upon pages of the tribulations of Egyptian women.

On 25 January, a sea of Egyptians stood their ground demanding bread, freedom and social justice. They arrived at Tahrir Square from every corner: Copts, Muslims, Nubians, Bedouins, and for once we saw how diverse and beautiful we were. Our calls rang and circled the globe in what was a truly historical moment. We wanted down with the regime, so what was the regime to do? Target the women.

Nesreen Salem
Daily News Egypt
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