Mentoring the next global generation of women leaders

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April 27, 2018

Mentoring the next global generation of women leaders

By Carine Guidicelli and Betty-Ann Heggie

All around the world, from corporate boardrooms to community kitchens, parliaments to classrooms, conversations concerning the rights and empowerment of women and girls are taking place.

This is good news, because gender equality remains an elusive goal. Whether you are an Indigenous student in Saskatchewan or a young entrepreneur in Senegal, women and girls aspire to — and are entitled to — informed access to rights, freedom from violence, and economic security for their future.

In the global South, Canadian development agencies such as Crossroads International works with local partners on the ground to support or strengthen existing projects aimed at increasing access to justice, reducing poverty, or educating girls about their rights. We do this by leveraging the skills, experience, and dedication of Canadian volunteers who go overseas to make a difference, to change lives.

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