Gender and armed conflict- Supporting Resources Collection

Report / White Paper

July 31, 2003

Gender and armed conflict- Supporting Resources Collection

This collection of resources on gender and armed conflict sheds light on how gender inequality intersects with armed conflict and its aftermath, resulting in gender-specific disadvantage that is often overlooked. It forms part of the Cutting Edge Pack on gender and armed conflict, and provides summaries of key resources, tools and guides covering a range of themes including: conflict prevention and management; understanding and addressing gender-based violence; men and masculinity; health and HIV/AIDS; small arms and light weapons; protecting displaced people and humanitarian assistance; disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR); peace-building and reconstruction; and women"s lobbying and organising within the peace process. The full text of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1325 of October 2000 is included along with a list of the relevant international laws and commitments that protect the rights of women. Detailed case studies of successful practice are presented as well as lessons learned from diverse contexts including Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kosovo. Finally, information is provided about courses, useful websites, networking and contact details for organisations mentioned in the whole pack. This pack is also available in French and Spanish.

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Emma Bell
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