Gender in Peace building

Report / White Paper

March 5, 2013

Gender in Peace building

This report reflects the findings of the preparatory phase of a three-year research project exploring the role of gender in peacebuilding. Whilst addressing key research questions, the report identifies three approaches to gender that are evident in peacebuilding: gender-blind, those based on UN Security Council Resolution 1325, and gender-relational. The third – and hitherto unexplored – approach, is based on a strategy of benefit-sharing and solidarity-building between men and women, and uses a context-specific gendered power analysis as its starting point. The report calls for further exploration of the validity of this approach as an effective strategy for both analysing conflict and designing peacebuilding interventions, and it is this that will be the focus of the remaining two years of the project.

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Judy El-Bushra
International Alert
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