How local female politicians are keeping Tunisian democracy alive

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June 7, 2022

How local female politicians are keeping Tunisian democracy alive


Tunis market, April 2022. Keystone / Mohamed Messara

President Kaïs Saïed is in the process of wiping out hard-won democratic rights in Tunisia. Little evidence survives of Switzerland’s efforts to support the country on its path to democracy – apart, perhaps, from the courage of women politicians who are refusing to back down.

Tunisia, in the words of regional expert Monica Marks, is a country in decline. In a recent paper, Marks describes “an ex-democracy unmoored from any semblance of constitutional order, hurtling down Saied's freeway in the direction of consolidated authoritarianism.”

After the Arab Spring and the removal of the hardliner Ben Ali, who ruled the North African nation for over two decades, Tunisia was considered a particularly promising young democracy. The country was at the origin of the revolt that began in 2011 and the only one in the region to undergo a real transformation afterwards.

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Henda Chennaoui and Balz Rigendinger
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