Plan of Action for Gender Equality in Parliaments

International Agreement and Action Plans

November 9, 2012

Plan of Action for Gender Equality in Parliaments

IPU members have committed to a comprehensive Plan of Action on gender-sensitive parliaments, aimed at radically transforming the way national institutions address gender equality.

The action plan, a potentially far-reaching outcome of the 127th IPU Assembly, not only tackles women’s access to parliaments through affirmative action, but also gender parity in the roles and ranks inside parliament; legal frameworks; the gender infrastructure and culture within parliament as well as the need to engage political parties on the issue. It highlights the use of special measures to ensure more women are selected by political parties to run for “winnable” seats; amending national electoral laws and constitutions to allow reserved seats and enacting, updating and implementing gender equality laws. Such a move by national parliaments would not only transform parliaments but also society as a whole. In a move that would similarly change the way parliaments have been run throughout time by helping MPs and parliamentary staff achieve a work-family balance, the action plan calls for parliaments to rearrange their sitting hours so MPs can spend more time with their families.

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