Panel Discussion on "Electing Women Leaders"


July 7, 2016

Panel Discussion on "Electing Women Leaders"

2016 has been a historic year for electing women to public office. In the US, the first woman has become the presumptive presidential nominee from a major political party. In Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen became the first female Prime Minister to take office. In the Marshall Islands, President Hilda Heine became the first female leader of any independent Pacific island nation. In Iran, women now comprise 6% of parliamentarians, a record not seen since before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 
These important milestones highlight both the progress and disparities in our public sector leadership. How do we increase the global percentage of women in public service and capitalize on the progress made thus far? What are the unique challenges that female candidates face? How can we support women to run for office in countries where they are severely underrepresented? Watch this Woodrow Wilson Center panel discussing what it takes to elect women to public office and how women can become successful candidates.

Electing Women Leaders

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