Parliaments in Commonwealth Countries: Orientation for New Staff

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March 15, 2012

Parliaments in Commonwealth Countries: Orientation for New Staff

Thank you for your interest in the Parliaments in Commonwealth Countries Module! While the course content will always be available on this website for all interested learners, the moderated course will bring learners from around the world together to discuss and share about parliament and the Commonwealth. This kind of interchange allows participants to learn not just the course content, but to familiarize yourselves with the content more dynamically, and to learn best practices from each other's experiences.

Course Description:

This course, equivalent to 4 days (32 hours) of classroom training, began March 9, 2009 and will last for approximately 5 weeks. It is not only an introduction to navigating the Commonwealth system, but is also an introduction to working within any parliamentary system. The participants will learn the ins and outs of the legislative process, the roles of the various parliamentary players, and parliamentary procedure. Topics covered include:

  • The development of the modern Commonwealth;
  • The Role of the Speaker;
  • Women in Parliament;
  • Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure;
  • The Role of the Opposition; and
  • Ministers, Members and Public Servants.

Registration will remain open for one more week, please register here if you are interested. If you would like to follow the material individually, you are free to read through the module at your leisure.

This course will be moderated by Raja Gomez. To learn more about him, please visit his bio here. Or if you would like to begin discussing the course content with Raja, you may post a message on the Discussion Forum here.

Already registered for the course? If so, please take a moment to introduce yourself on the Forum here! You may then begin to answer this week's questions after you have seen course lessons on the Workbook page here.


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Entire Module Entire Module
Unit 1 The Development of the Modern Commonwealth
Unit 2 The Role of the Speaker and Other Presiding Officers
Unit 3 Women in Parliament
Unit 4 Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure and Aspects of Debate
Unit 5 Legislation
Unit 6 Parliamentary Committees and the Scrutiny of the Executive
Unit 7 The Role of the Opposition
Unit 8 The Role of MPs and Parliamentary Staff
Unit 9 Parliament, Its Recordkeeping and the Media
Unit 10 Ministers, Members, Staff and Public Servants
Glossary Glossary
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