Professional Development Programs for Parliamentarians & Parliamentary Staff

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April 25, 2014

Professional Development Programs for Parliamentarians & Parliamentary Staff

Since August 2007, The World Bank Institute Professional Development program for Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff has been available online and currently, the site is undergoing a redesign. By making this series of learning modules publicly available, the World Bank Institute will assist a greater share of the world parliamentary community in fulfilling their role in the governance process.

In collaboration with the CPA, the Parliamentary Centre and other international subject area experts, WBI’s Parliamentary Strengthening Program has developed a series of thirteen learning modules for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, which can be used in self-paced, online, and face-to-face learning platforms. The main objectives of these learning modules are to strengthen the capacity of parliaments to oversee the allocation and use of public funds, reduce poverty, improve public participation in the policy process, and reduce corruption, among others.

The series follows a three-pronged approach in which the most imperative courses fall under the Parliament in Government Systems category. Core Parliamentary Functionsexplain the operational functions of parliament. The Development category explains current issues in international development.The modules were developed to suit different audiences and time frames so that new learners may apply the program content to meet their personal learning objectives at their own pace, and a sustained impact of the training programs can be advanced for return students.

Each course includes an introduction to the topic, course content, relevant research papers and presentations. In addition, the online modules will include supplemental learning material to enhance participant engagement, trainers’ notes, and instructions for leading the training sessions.

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