BRIDGE Cutting Edge Packs: Gender and Social Movements

Report / White Paper

March 12, 2007

BRIDGE Cutting Edge Packs: Gender and Social Movements

In order for any action or intervention around rights, democracy and equality to be successful, it must include and value gender equality as part of its analysis and methodology for change. But while women's rights and gender justice are 'on the agenda' in many arenas, activists still encounter strong resistance to changing gendered politics and practices within social justice movements and allied organisations.

This Cutting Edge Pack is intended for a broad audience interested and/or involved in work around social movements and on women's rights and gender justice. The Overview Report contains: 


  • A framework for understanding social justice movements and some of the debates, challenges and tensions they face.
  • An introduction to women's and feminist movements, their visions and strategies, and the gains they have made over recent decades.
  • An overview of responses by broader social justice movements to issues of women's rights and gender justice.
  • An assessment of common challenges in building gender-just movements. 
  • A description of the core elements of gender-just movements. 
  • Some practical routes for nurturing social justice movements that challenge unjust gender power relations in all domains. 

The In Brief bulletin contains an overview article as well as two case studies featuring the CLOC-Via Campesina movement in Latin America, and the global human rights movement.

The Supporting Resources Collection can be found on our new mini website, which contains a collection of research, briefings, learning tools, case studies and multimedia materials on the topic.

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