Summary of the e-Discussion on Youth Political Participation

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June 29, 2017

Summary of the e-Discussion on Youth Political Participation

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From 3 April to 8 May 2017, iKNOW Politics hosted an e-Discussion in collaboration with UNDP4YOUTH on Youth Political Participation. Fifteen participants from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab region, the Americas, and Europe engaged in the online debate and submitted contributions. The e-Discussion gathered twelve contributions in English, one in Arabic, one in French, and one in Spanish.

Comprising of experts, members of civil society organizations, students, and representatives of government institutions, the participants commonly stressed the urgent need for action to give young people the opportunity and power to influence policies that affect their lives by introducing measures aimed at increasing their interest and participation in politics.

The iKNOW Politics and UNDP4YOUTH teams would like to extend their thanks to all their members and followers who took the time to answer the questions of this e-Discussion and share experiences, practices, and recommendations. The contributions are summarized here

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