Twenty memorable moments from #WomenInPolitics in 2020

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December 30, 2020

Twenty memorable moments from #WomenInPolitics in 2020


By Akshi,

As we brace ourselves for 2021, we thought we’d leave you with a collection of some of our favourite memories about women in politics from 2020. We’ve picked moments that left us feeling inspired, proud, glad, and sometimes amused. Hope you enjoy this curation - tell us if these were your favourite too, or if we’ve missed any.

When Bolivia’s new Left government created a new ministry for “culture, depatriarchalization and decolonization”, with the aim to eliminate colonialism and male domination, to reverse the inequality between men and women, as well as between nationalities.

When the Swiss Parliament finally relaxed its “antiquated” dress code that banned women from wearing dresses revealing the shoulders and arms. 

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