A wave of women just swept into power in the 'Country of Rapists'

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December 14, 2020

A wave of women just swept into power in the 'Country of Rapists'


When Elvia Barrios was named the first woman to be Peru’s top judge this month, she wasted no time in highlighting the twin evils undermining the country’s legal system - sexism and corruption.

Noting the high number of magistrates convicted of graft, she added: “We live in a macho, patriarchal society, where everything is seen from the masculine perspective. We’re a society burdened with stereotypes and we judges are not immune.”

Yet Barrios is hardly the only woman in a position of power seeking to attack both the rampant graft and casual misogyny that are part of everyday life here. Peru’s recent political turmoil has resulted in a near clean sweep of women heading the branches of power and other key public institutions, to the point where the Andean nation may be setting a record for female leadership in government.

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