Webinar on the participation of young women in parliament


October 9, 2014

Webinar on the participation of young women in parliament

Young women in parliament

Join us on October 14th 2014 for a webinar with the youngest women parliamentarians in the US and Tonga. Lemasingo Tanya Nai (26) - the youngest candidate contesting in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Tonga and Nily Rozic who upon her election in 2012 became the youngest woman to serve in the NY state legislature will share their experiences and thoughts on some of these issues:

  • Do young women in parliament face double discrimination on the basis of their gender and age?
  • Are women’s concerns better addressed by young parliamentarians? Are youth more sensitive to discrimination and gender based violence? 
  • What are the main challenges that youth face in entering parliament?
  • How can we motivate more young women to channel their activism through formal political institutions such as parliaments?
  • Why are young women seeking alternative methods to formal political institutions (parliament) to bring about change and be heard?
  • Is there a belief among younger generations that women’s issues are a battle that has already been fought and done with?


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