Fempo: Website for African women in politics

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May 17, 2018

Fempo: Website for African women in politics


In many African countries, women leaders lack the resources, numbers and visibility to significantly effect transformational change. The new initiative Fempo harnesses the power of the Internet to bring rising women leaders into the spotlight and enable anyone to contribute to their success.

With a vision of a future in which women and men hold equal positions of political power, FEMPO’s mission is to get more African women into politics.

The NGO’s goal is to link African women who seek political office to broad audiences by establishing a portal through which people all over the world can obtain information on African women candidates across the continent.  

Each woman featured on Fempo’s site is presented in a profile that highlights the issues she is passionate about, integrates a brief biography and links to the various social media platforms created by the candidate, including Facebook, Twitter, a blog and in some cases, YouTube. Since there are no foreign funding restrictions to individual campaigns in most countries in Africa, anyone, anywhere can donate to the women’s campaigns through the donation buttons linked to each profile. Visitors to the site can also donate to the portal itself.

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