Women’s Leadership for the Post COVID-19 Era

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May 6, 2020

Women’s Leadership for the Post COVID-19 Era


Amplified women’s voices of all generations can set the pathway towards Generation Equality where women's leadership is no longer an exception but the norm.

This is why UCLG Women calls on the local, regional, national, and international institutions to:

  • Step forward to ensure that we take decisive steps to protect and empower women and girls everywhere from gender-based violence, in particular in relation to domestic violence risk situations.
  • Promote new governance models that allow for co-creation with all stakeholders and in particular women's leadership in all sectors of society. Women must be involved in leading the recovery after COVID and the response to future emergencies.
  • Improve the working conditions of women, in particular in the care-related jobs which need to guarantee inclusion and hold our society together.
  • Involve women in COVID-19 specialized groups or task forces, as well as in legislative, policy, and budgetary decision-making processes.
  • Foster gender-sensitive universal health care, research, and local service provision to overcome this pandemic and support women and children beyond the outbreak.
  • Provide support for out-of-school children and for children without access to care facilities and their parents, who are combining home working and childcare—a nearly impossible task that falls disproportionately on women.
  • Push for gender-segregated data to help visualize women and girls in our societies and territories, and guide public policies.
  • Promote women’s and girls’ access to information, knowledge and technologies, ensuring the fulfilment of their digital rights.
  • Put gender equality policies at the forefront of the recovery plans by reinforcing mainstreaming and existing gender-sensitive policies.
  • Facilitate a pathway towards a Generation Equality where women’s leadership is no longer an exception but the new normal. 

UCLG further call men, in particular colleagues in local and regional governments all over the world to join us in making the above call a reality and share their quest for gender equality. Their equality-driven movement is committed to working with the UN System, national governments, the international community, women groups and grassroots organizations, civil society and all stakeholders in taking decisive steps towards Generation Equality and building back better.

Join them! Inequality is no longer an option. Sign their Call for Action and join women leaders around the world urging for a sustainable and gender-equal future.

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