Women leaders absent from parties ahead of Israel's elections

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February 4, 2020

Women leaders absent from parties ahead of Israel's elections


By Emily Schrader,

Israel is a pioneer in women’s rights in the region, and is perceived as a pioneer in women’s representation in government. Indeed, the situation for women in Israel is far better than for the women of many other countries in the Middle East. Yet ahead of Israel’s third elections within one year, the trends of female representation seem to be going the opposite way. Why are women being pushed out of government, does it matter, and was Israel ever really as much of a pioneer as is commonly believed?

In January 2020, Israel’s political parties finalized their electoral lists for the March elections, but from the Left to the Right, there is something missing from the top of the lists: female representation. This is the first time in 15 years that not a single party is headed by a female. In many parties, women are largely absent from the first few spots on the list.

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