Women political leaders: the impact of gender on democracy

Report / White Paper

July 31, 2020

Women political leaders: the impact of gender on democracy


This report aggregates over five hundred pieces of academic and institutional research on the ways in which women’s political careers differ from their male counterparts, what stands in their way, and what impact their political presence has on democracy and policy. Parity of political presence between women and men is fundamental for a representative, legitimate and accountable democratic system, and this report points to the diverse and important ways that women’s political representation improves and contributes to democratic institutions and processes. It also highlights methods and approaches which address their underrepresentation. Bringing this research together in this way gives us a holistic understanding of the political recruitment and impact of women politicians that will provide a platform for future research and action. 

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Dr Minna Cowper-Coles
The Global Institute for Women´s Leadership
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