Hope for women in Fiji's 2022/2023 general election


Hope for women in Fiji's 2022/2023 general election

Some of the countries in the Melanesian region has a low percentage of women in the Parliament when compared to the global average. There are countries which do not have any women in the parliament after the latest elections. While #Fiji is among the better ones, this trend shows that there is a need for concerted efforts to address the obstacles that women candidates face in elections.

Women's representation in Parliament is essential, especially because the female population in Fiji is larger than the male. Equal representation is needed so that half of the population is properly represented and have equal inputs into decision making which will affect them directly and indirectly.

This video was created in the framework of the National Forum on Women in Politics 2021, entitled “What Obstacles Women Politicians Must Overcome to Be Successful in Elections?”, which was started by International IDEA and the Media Watch Group under the European Union-funded C³ - Fiji Project in 2018.

Source: International IDEA 

Hope for women in Fiji's 2022/2023 General Election

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