Jordan's Parliamentary Women’s Caucus


Jordan's Parliamentary Women’s Caucus

The Parliamentary Women’s Caucus launched on 25 the of August 2013 represents a political step that aims at enhancing the role of Jordanian women in the parliament through establishing a nucleus for united women’s approach under the dome to promote national priorities and women’s issues which would positively affect women’s representation in decision-making positions. 

Based on the parliament’s belief in the importance of continuing in supporting the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus, and the important role of civil society organizations and women organizations it is essential to develop mechanisms for establishing and empowering the cooperation and coordination between the caucus and these organizations to achieve mutual national goals.

NDI has provided ongoing support to empower Jordanian women to more effectively engage in the political process, in partnership with key institutions such as USAID Takamol and The Jordanian National Commission for Women.

Jordan's Parliamentary Women’s Caucus- ملتقى البرلمانيات الأردنيات

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