Violence against women in politics, a growing danger to democracy


Violence against women in politics, a growing danger to democracy

Violence against women in politics is a growing danger to democracy. Sexism, harassment, and attacks are used as tools to discredit and silence women leaders, including women candidates, and discourage them from participating in public life and developing political careers. According to an Inter-parliamentary Union study, over 44% of surveyed women parliamentarians received threats of death, rape, beatings or abduction during their term. More than 80% of the female MPs who took part in the survey said they suffered psychological violence over the course of their mandate.

In this video, we asked women leaders about the impact of violence against women in politics and the solutions they propose to make politics a safe space for all women, including:

  • Mabel Chinomona, President of the Senate, Zimbabwe,
  • Claudia Roth, Vice-president of the Bundestag, Germany, 
  • Tone Wilhelmsen Troen, Speaker of the Parliament, Norway,
  • Mmatlala Grace Boroto, Member of Parliament, South Africa,
  • Eliane Tillieux, President of the House of Representatives, Belgium.


Violence Against Women In Politics, a growing danger for democracy

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