30 trained to contest elections

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30 trained to contest elections

THIRTY Bahraini women are being trained to contest the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

The four-phase programme, organised by the Supreme Council for Women (SCW), focuses on skills training, political empowerment of women, knowledge sharing and simulation activities.

The group, which includes prominent businesswomen, outgoing female MPs, public and private employees and social activists, has been undergoing training since January last year and their fourth session will end after Ramadan.

The initial phase on theoretical aspects was conducted by lecturers from Bahrain University, while the second session on knowledge sharing was led by Shura Council member Dalal Al Zayed.

The third session on etiquettes and preparations to contest polls was conducted by Mayasem Communications head Dr May Al Otaibi.

"We are open to take in more participants if anyone would like to, but with this programme we are almost in the last phase," said an SCW official.

"The decision to commit themselves to contesting is left to the participants, while we hope that they make use of the training and run for the election.


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