Obscene pamphlets target DAP’s woman candidate, Malaysia

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Obscene pamphlets target DAP’s woman candidate, Malaysia

As the contest between MCA and DAP for the Kulai parliamentary seat heats up, members of the public have been receiving pamphlets depicting a woman MP deserting her constituents to nurse her baby.

They are all printed in Mandarin and the target of attack is obviously the DAP candidate, Teo Nie Ching, who gave birth to a girl last year.

In one of the three pamphlets, the caption tells the viewer that the woman is telling her baby she would be back to suckle her after she had finished hoodwinking her constituents.

The second pamphlet depicts upset Kulai constituents saying: “You’re going back to suckle. If we have a problem, whom should we look for?”

The third one shows Teo being ogled by a sexually aroused elderly man telling his wife that he is attending a ceramah featuring a woman candidate for the election.


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