Singing & Social Media to Empower Kenya’s Rural Women

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Singing & Social Media to Empower Kenya’s Rural Women

This project empowers rural women in Kenya to engage with (county and national) government and participate in budget making and the prioritisation, monitoring and implementation of development activities. This will improve government accountability and responsiveness. It combines tech and non-tech solutions to address low participation by women in decision making. A two-pronged approach uses technology to create information-sharing platforms, give feedback on policy and to track development activities, while promoting a new type of engagement involving writing songs/poems about governance issues. These will be broadcast via radio segments during which government officials are confronted with the issues raised. This promotes interaction and offers linkages between citizens, media and officials. Caritus-Kitui has previously implemented government and accountability projects to enhance citizen participation in the management of devolved funds. It requests £40,000 in order to utilise this experience and strengthen the capacity of women’s groups with training and by providing review forums. This innovative proposal combines traditional and modern methods of communication. It reflects Making All Voices Count’s mission to create feedback loops, in this case by empowering marginalised women in rural areas using cultural means. It acknowledges diversity and uses social media to target a younger, tech-savvy generation.

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