Women’s participation in Slovene politics

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Women’s participation in Slovene politics

“Slovene politics is no longer a boys-only game”, said the Slovene prime minister Alenka Bratušek on 8.3.2013. 

Slovenia is one of three EU countries with a female prime minister. The last parliamentary elections saw 34% of parliamentary seats taken by women. There are currently 31 women sitting in the National Assembly. The 2011 elections pushed Slovenia among the top ranking countries in terms of female participation, right behind the Nordic countries, Germany and Spain. The results were undoubtedly influenced by the introduction of a quota mechanism to increase women participation in politics – a mechanism that has proven effective. The current government of Slovenia has two female ministers, whereas the previous term saw female ministers holding offices in even the most traditionally male ministries such as defence and internal affairs, proving that even the staunchest strongholds of male power are not inaccessible to women. However, women – who make up the majority of the population - are still underrepresented in all areas of political decision-making: in elected and appointed positions, on national as well as local levels. The uneven participation of both genders is also reflected in the economy.


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