European Enlargement and Women's Rights


European Enlargement and Women's Rights

The European Women’s Lobby task force for Central European, Baltic and Balkan States, together with Kvinna Till Kvinna’s Western Balkans Group, organized on the past 25 April in Brussels, a joint meeting to discuss the challenges for women’s rights involved in the EU’s Enlargement to the East. Laws to make abortion illegal, together with others seen as attacks to women’s reproductive rights, as seen as threats to the advancement of women’s rights by these organizations. They explored common experiences and highlighted key concerns which allowed them to prepare questions for the guests invited for the second part of the afternoon.

MEP Ulrike Lunacek joined the afternoon session and enlightened the room with an inspiring key-note speech sharing her 20-years’ experience as a feminist activist. She stressed that the role of parliaments is very important and that we need parliaments to cooperate more with civil society:

“Civil society needs to push; we have still a lot of people to convince. We do have some good laws; the problem is their implementation in some countries.” 

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