Charlotte Talks: The rise of women in politics



Charlotte Talks: The rise of women in politics

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 09:00

2018 has seen the rise of women in politics. With more women running for and holding office than in years past. For many people, 2018 is seen as a big moment for women in politics. 43 percent of the democratic nominees for the US House of Representatives are women. And women hold a third of the number of total house seats. This coincides with the national women’s marches held earlier in the year, and the Me too Movement.

The trend for more women in politics brings up a number of key questions for our political system. What do women bring to the campaign trail and to elective office? How has the Me Too movement and other political considerations motivated women to run? And how might policy be impacted by female elected officials? Mike Collins and HIS guests will discuss what this trend could mean for the midterm election and beyond on Charlotte Talks. 


  • Karen Kedrowski, professor of political Science; executive director of the Center for Civic Learning 
  • Jason Windett, associate professor, Department of Political Science, UNCC
  • Melody Crowder, Meyer, assistant professor, Department of Political Science, Davidson
  • Kelly Dittmar, assistant professor of Political Science, Rutgers University–Camden; scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics

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