Support to Egypt begins on fulfilling roadmap to democracy

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Support to Egypt begins on fulfilling roadmap to democracy

IPU has kick-started its priority support to Egypt in its efforts to establish democracy by providing advice and expertise on the drafting on a new electoral law. The law would have to be in place before parliamentary elections can take place, the last step in a series of planned political processes on Egypt’s roadmap to democracy.

An IPU delegation currently in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, is working with relevant authorities, including the committee responsible for drafting the new electoral law, on how women and other under-represented Egyptians can participate and be better represented in a new parliament. Although Egypt’s new Constitution acknowledges the principles of equality and non-discrimination, there are no specific measures in place to ensure the political participation of women and minority groups.

IPU, which signed an agreement with Egypt last month on how it can support the Arab country to develop a fully functioning and representative parliament, has also established an office in Cairo to facilitate its work. 

The Organization is focusing on four priority areas aimed at ensuring a new parliament is functioning effectively. In addition to providing support on the draft electoral law, IPU will initially work on a curriculum for parliamentary staff training, ICT and research facilities for the new parliament.

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