Women voters likely to decide Georgia elections


Women voters likely to decide Georgia elections

This year’s midterm election seems all about the women.

More campaign ads than ever feature women or focus on women’s issues.

It’s a strategy that makes sense when you consider there are 29,426 registered female voters in Athens-Clarke County alone. They’ll likely be the deciders in precincts here in Athens.

“Female voters make up the majority of U.S. registered voters in 2014, so one can see the importance of candidates going after this portion of the electorate. In Athens-Clarke County, 55 percent of the electorate is female,” said Gail Schrader supervisor of elections and voter registration in Athens-Clarke County.

The candidates in the U.S. Senate race have been using the power of their campaign ads to appeal to the female electorate.

“I’ve noticed the current television ads for the Georgia Senate race, in particular, use more female supporters than in years past,” Schrader said.

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