8 (more) women leaders facing the Coronavirus crisis

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8 (more) women leaders facing the Coronavirus crisis


Women now govern 18 countries and 545 million people globally. That’s 7% of the world’s population. (Exactly the same percentage, by the way, of women CEOs on the Fortune 500.) From Bangladesh and Ethiopia, to Georgia and Singapore, women are emerging into political leadership across the globe. And this revelatory crisis is showing their talents. My last blog outlining the crisis management lessons from 7 countries run by women went viral and has been read by 7 million people (what’s with the 7 number? let’s bump it up a bit). Here’s an introduction to 8 less well-known examples who also deserve to be recognised for their efforts. Remember their names, they are (re)shaping the future.

Both Singapore under President Halima Yacob and Hong Kong, China, under Chief Executive Carrie Lam have been globally admired for their early and highly effective lead in getting ahead of the crisis. Now Singapore is scrambling with a second-wave whiplash, while Lam has done better at nipping resurgence in the bud. Different cultures and issues in every country mean responses will never be a one size fits all. We will learn better if we learn together.

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