Australia has gone backwards on women in politics

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Australia has gone backwards on women in politics

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher says Australia has gone backwards on female participation at the highest levels of politics and decried the perception that leadership is a man’s game.

Addressing the annual YWCA breakfast on Tuesday, Ms Gallagher said the lack of senior women in politics around the country was unsatisfactory and that a period in 2011 when Australia had four female leaders now felt “like an interruption to the normal programming”.

“Just three short years ago when I became Chief Minister, I joined two other state leaders who were women. [Queensland’s] Anna Bligh and [Tasmania’s] Lara Giddings,” Ms Gallagher told the breakfast at The Lobby restaurant.

“Kristina Keneally had recently lost the 2011 state election in NSW. The Prime Minister of Australia was also a woman – and for a brief period of time just some eight months or so – four out of nine of Australia’s first ministers were women.”

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