Book launch: Political ‘barriers to entry’ for women highlighted

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Book launch: Political ‘barriers to entry’ for women highlighted

South Asian writers avoid writing on gender issues, but Dr Anita Weiss rightly explained the political paths of domestic powers in South Asian countries and identified the power distribution, political priorities, identity and women empowerment since the end of British rule in the region.  She also emphasises social understanding within region to achieve sustainable development.

These were the views of the speakers on Thursday at the launching ceremony of Dr Anita Weiss’s book at the 17th Sustainable Development Conference, organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

“The Pathways to Power, the Domestic Politics of South Asia” highlights the political facts, similarities in prospects of the South Asian countries and identical politics in which politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen comes together and work for big business rather than developing instrumental policies.

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