Bringing HOPE to women's empowerment in the Balkans

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Bringing HOPE to women's empowerment in the Balkans

On May 27, the National Democratic Institute hosted the 2014 HOPE Fellows for a presentation titled, “When Legislation is Not Enough: Addressing Gaps in Implementation of Kosovo’s Laws on Gender Equality.” Speaking directly to the topic of realizing gender equality in Kosovo, the Fellows shed light on four main issue areas: 1) implementing written law: 2) strengthening the rule of law; 3) combating social norms; and 4) producing realistic action plans. Their presentation made it clear that the underlying theme throughout all issue areas is the failure of the top-down approach.

The HOPE Fellowship is a four-week program funded by USAID and overseen by the National Albanian American Council. Strengthening the role of women leaders in the Balkans, this program brings selected Fellows from the Balkans to Washington, DC to promote interaction with their U.S. professional counterparts. While in DC, each Fellow is focused on developing a unique project that will be implemented upon their return to Kosovo.

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