Dancing Backwards: Getting Canada's political Women into history

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Dancing Backwards: Getting Canada's political Women into history

There is a PROBLEM

The heroic stories of women in Canada’s history -- women who’ve personally sacrificed so much to secure the rights of women and children -- are curiously absent from the textbooks. Where are those role models for young girls (and boys!)?

What is Dancing Backwards?

Dancing Backwards is an educational program and an online library, rich with video stories about women in politics told through the lens of elementary, middle and high school students.When complete, it will be an accessible, grade-relevant website loaded with content about Canadian women whose stories are not, to date, part of the British Columbia school curriculum.  Specifically, the website will be an online library of videos created by students and made available to teachers and students worldwide for reference. Small student groups will each create a 3-minute story, in any medium they wish, about one woman from Canada's political history. They will present their stories to the class, we will film the presentations and choose the strongest to be included on the Dancing Backwards website.

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