EAC political integration dialogue opens in Kigali, Uganda

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EAC political integration dialogue opens in Kigali, Uganda

Women leaders from the EAC holding national, regional and international offices as well as selected male political leaders are in Kigali attending the 3rd EAC dialogue on political integration. The two-day dialogue on the theme: EAC Women Leaders as Drivers of the Political Integration Agenda is convened to address the question whether women leaders fit the description as drivers of the EAC political integration agenda - if so how and if not, why? 

In his welcoming remarks, EAC Deputy Secretary General in charge of Political Federation, Dr Julius Rotich acknowledged the meeting being a significant moment.

 “I see more women than men for the first time”. He noted that this was a deliberate effort to rethink the drivers of the EAC integration agenda and why inclusiveness should be paramount.

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