Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW)

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Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW)

In order to strengthen the lobby and advocacy capacity of local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the South, it was launched the Netherlands Accountability Fund. Managed by the Dutch Embassies, the Fund provides multiannual grants to local CSOs, and one third of it goes to the development and strengthening of lobby and advocacy capacities of organizations working on women’s rights and gender equality. This means that between 2016 and 2020 an amount of 5 Million EURO will be available every year to women’s rights lobby and advocacy activities at local level in low income and low middle income countries.

The Minister encouraged the Dutch Embassies to contact local women’s organizations and to come up with new or additional proposals for 2016. On our side, FLOW fund encourages local organizations within the FLOW-community in low income and low middle income countries to contact the Dutch Embassies in their countries and inquire about the possibilities. The Taskforce for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assist embassies to realize this additional effort on women’s rights and gender equality. Embassies may get help by organizing a scoping mission or the execution of a gender analysis, for example. The requirements to the proposals are not very prescriptive nor extensive to allow access of smaller local CSO’s. Applicants may count on support to facilitate proposals, where needed.

Please take note that proposals for 2016 should be submitted preferably no later than 30 June. The Dutch Embassy in your country will be able to inform you about the requirements and possibilities. For more information please visit FLOW programme website.