Ghana: NPP's election 2012 vision for women

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Ghana: NPP's election 2012 vision for women

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) will introduce programmes that will encourage and bring women into the mainstream of economic and political activities should it be given the mandate come December 7.   

In its Election 2012 manifesto made available to the Ghana News Agency, the NPP said it was committed to the development and welfare of Ghanaian women in granting that the party should be voted for to pursue its agenda.   

The manifesto entitled: “Transforming lives, Transforming Ghana,” touted NPP’s record in advancing the cause of gender equality and in unlocking the potential of women.     

According to the party, an NPP government will reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality through the revitalization of the National Health Insurance Scheme, the Free Maternal Care Policy and Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP), and encourage the provision of quality childcare facilities for mothers at work places, markets and community centres in cities and towns.    

Read more at Ghana News Agency, published 12 November 2012.