Ghana: Stakeholders Charged to Increase Assembly Women in 2014

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Ghana: Stakeholders Charged to Increase Assembly Women in 2014

A study has called on all stakeholders to work consciously to increase the number of women who will win the District Level Elections (DLEs) in 2014 and other such future elections. "The Performances of Women Candidates in the 2010 District Level Elections: In the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions of Ghana," asked District Assemblies, traditional authorities, civil society organisations (CSOs) and others "to keep all hands on deck, to get more women win the 2014 DLEs" and all other such elections.

"The study revealed that NGOs and CSOs are major stakeholders in women empowerment and fort holders in increasing women's representation in governance in Ghana. These organizations were inspired by the low and non-participation of women in decision-making and leadership/ governance, as well as bridging the public leadership capacity gap between men and women. CSO/NGO activities capacity building training, logistical and financial support, community sensitization and profiling of women candidates," the research discovered.

Read more at All Africa, published 14 September 2012.