Global efforts for the incorporation of the gender perspective to drug policies

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Global efforts for the incorporation of the gender perspective to drug policies

The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs adopted in Vienna, Austria, a resolution on the necessity of incorporating the gender perspective to drug-related policies and programmes. 

The resolution  highlights the importance of policies and programmes on drugs having into account the specific necessities of women and girls, and to incorporate the gender perspective in all the related efforts with the global problem of drugs. It also aims to consider concrete measures in the judiaciary, like imprisonment alternatives for pregnant women and for those who are taking care of their families, including children, elders or disabled people. The document also highlights the necessity of offering health services specifically designed to attend the necessities of women and girls, including treatment and attention services of drug-related health problems.

This represents an important effort at the global level to advance towards the full exercise of women rights and the creation of drug policies respectful of human rights and of gender perspective.


The CIM, in search of the advancement in the generation of public policies more efficient in this matter, in collaboration with the Washington Office for Latin American Issues, the International Consortium on Drug Policies and DeJusticia, launched on early February the guide Women, Drug Policy, and Incarceration. This Guide serves as a guiding route for public policy managers, looking to contribute to the development and implementation of more human and efficient drug policies towards women imprisoned because of minor drug-related crimes.

Link to the resolution.