Insults and intimidation: the price of female politics

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Insults and intimidation: the price of female politics


Les menaces et insultes que la députée de Fredericton Jenica Atwin a reçues dans les médias sociaux sont parfois très violentes. PHOTO : RADIO-CANADA

“If you are a woman, you are not listened to. It’s almost like you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a woman, but that’s not what it says. In public, there is not a man who will say that, but the atmosphere is there”, says the former mayor, who despite the challenges, misogynistic behavior and low blows has appreciated his experience in municipal politics.

Janice Savoie is not the only one who has to work in a toxic climate. Politicians are increasingly targeted by harassment, slurs, cyberbullying and threats. Kedgwick Mayor Janice Savoie said she felt intimidated by male colleagues.

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