Iraqi Yazidi woman MP awarded Anna Politkovskaya prize

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Iraqi Yazidi woman MP awarded Anna Politkovskaya prize

raqi legislator Vian Dakhil on Monday received the Anna Politkovskaya prize for her denunciation of the jihadist group Islamic State over its brutal treatment of Yazidi women.


The award -- handed out by London-based organisation RAW in WAR to honour women working to help those trapped in conflict -- is named after crusading Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was gunned down in Moscow on October 7, 2006.

Vian Dakhil has given "a voice to the many Yazidi and Iraqi women and girls whose voices cannot be heard," the organisation said in a statement.

Dakhil, the only Yazidi legislator in Iraq, welcomed the award but called for greater attention to be given to the plight of the Yazidi minority in the face of the onslaught by the Sunni militants from the Islamic State (IS) group.


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